Hello! Welcome to my website! I showcase my portfolio here, but you can also read my blog to know about my everyday life!

If you're here for my resume and works, visit RÉSUMÉ and WORKS; If you're here for my blog, visit BLOG! Visit CONTACT if you'd like to reach me!


  • 15th February 2021 : No I'm still alive, haven't been infected with COVID-19, don't worry. Some updates have been done today, and a new SSL!
  • 22nd June 2019 : I'm still alive, I just moved to a different OS and have been sorting out my files~
  • 24th Feb 2019 : New blog post up! Updates in my life since 2017.
  • 19th Feb 2019 : I've been so busy, I haven't been updating my website at all. I'll be updating more frequently from now on!
  • 19th March 2017 : New blog post up! Warning: Loooooong blog.
  • 26th Feb 2017 : THE WEBSITE, IT'S ALIVE!!!! It is UP and LAUNCHING!
  • 22nd Feb 2017 : I kinda fixed the template a little. There was a problem git-ing it. Now the CSS works! Hopefully this site will be able to launch by tomorrow.